Nextstop Media

Nextstop Media


Nextstop Media provides their viewers with a vast combination of the performing arts, fashion, music & theatre.

Website: This is the second site we have built for Nextstop Media.

Logo: Designed their Film Reel Logo.

Client Since

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Last Work Completed

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Joomla! 1.5, Flickr Gallery, Sliders, Forms, Videos, Advanced Menus, Social Bookmarking, Twitter, Billing System, Warp Technology and more.

Client Testimonial

"Over the years, I've come across many Internet and Web Development Companies and have had many different experiences. Many companies deliver a decent level of creative and artistic talents, without addressing the technical, practical and business end of one's needs. Other companies, deliver much technical knowledge, without really being all that creative, artistically. I found this to be the case time and time again, as I actually postponed my search for an Internet Development Company, due to this ongoing problem. The problem was solved, one day, as I was browsing/searching the web, while looking at one or two of my favorite musical groups, as well as some other "high-end" clients, that were on  WebVantage's site. I, then called and spoke with Cooch (Web Designer & President) as I finally found the "artistic" AND "tech-savvy" combination I was searching for. Cooch, not only addressed my professional needs (via patient guidance, suggestions and actions), but conceptualized and captured my artistic needs, even before I knew (exactly) what they were, myself. Cooch's "razor -sharp" grasp and brilliance (coupled with handling technical emergencies with ease and professionalism), makes him a Web Designer I would recommend to others for years to come. WebVantage is: "Supreme artistry, technology and design at it's very BEST!!"

Providing Value to Our Clients

While WebVantage is not the cheapest provider, we have years of experience working with our clients needs. Many of our competitors will submit lower bids and then “surprise bill" at the end of the month for additional work. With WebVantage, you know what to expect—no hidden fees, no surprise bills and you will always receive high quality work.

Providing Value to Our Clients

It is our goal to assist you in bringing great ideas to market in the minimum amount of time, using the least amount of resources, with uncompromised quality and growth potential. We want your business to be a success!